Alejandra Eva Novoa Vásquez

Studies and Academic Degrees:

Lawyer, Master in Labor Law from the Adolfo Ibáñez University (2019), Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from the University of Tarapacá, with distinction (2012). Postgraduate in Labor Law and Labor Relations in the Company of the University of Chile (2016) and Diploma in L.E. and Coaching at the University of Tarapacá (2004).

Academic experience:

She stands out for having been an assistant student of the chair of Criminal Law, Legal Clinics and Introduction to Law at her university, as well as a full professor of Labor Law at the Pacific Professional Training Institute.

Professional experience:

Specialized in litigation in defense of companies in the field of Labor Law, she stands out for having been a lawyer for the labor litigation team of the Luis Lizama Portal Law Firm, as well as a labor lawyer and later head of the Legal Department of Gimnasios Pacific Fitness.

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